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In their previous works , leading their history since 1988, the authors of this article have repeatedly conceptually shown and experimentally verified the results of research on the teleportation of information between macro objects. Early author's works were performed during the existence of the Russian Federation – as a country called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Some of which were marked "Top Secret" - links further down the text. Since they were performed under the supervision of the relevant special services and further "Department of external relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences". The authors used numerous examples to demonstrate the possibility of teleportation of information in macro-systems, including ecosystem, biogeocenotic levels, and then tissue and organism levels. Successful experimental verifications occurred only in cases when all the principles and rules laid down in the theory of quantum information, applied to biological objects, were correctly combined. Namely, the preparation of cascades of entangled States was performed both on the mental and somatic levels. In full accordance with the principle of complementarity and taking into account the fact that the observer and the observed are actively connected by the sum of similarities. In addition, the role of the classical communication channel in this process was performed by carrier electromagnetic fields modulated by a useful signal. This signal represented a cast of the simulated experimental process. An example of a real COVID-19 pandemic is the verification of author's works in nature on a biogeocenotic scale. And certainly with anthropogenic – so to speak-participation.

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Gavrilov V. Y., Antipova T. A., Vlasov Y. V., Ardatov S. V., Ardatova A. S. 2020. TELEPORTATION OF SARS-COV-2 INFORMATION AND QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC PROCESS (SOME PHYSICAL MEANINGS). PREPRINTS.RU. https://doi.org/10.24108/preprints-3112047

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